Food Vans & Vendors Terms & conditions

1) The Organisers wish to bring to the stall holder’s attention (this includes pitches where providers use their own vans or equipment), the fact that all activities will also be subject to Public Health, Health and Safety, Food Safety, Food Hygiene and Consumer Protection regulations and legislation. Specifically Stall Holders catering on their stands must conform to the requirements of the current Food Safety Act 1990 – with its all- embracing requirements and then specifically The Food Safety (General Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and The Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995. It is the responsibility of the Vendor to be aware of any relevant legislation and regulations.

2) Catering concessionaires are reminded that these regulations apply to all food sold at outdoor events.

3) The Food Hygiene Regulations require that any unit/area for cooking purposes be surrounded on three sides and have a roof covering to protect food from the risk of contamination. A waterproof flame retardant material must be used. Any barbecue must also be covered in accordance and guarded

4) The whole structure of the stall/vehicle shall be clean. The structure is to be made of materials which are readily cleansable, and designed and constructed so as to be able to be kept clean, avoiding risk of contamination. Work surfaces, cooking and storage facilities must be of smooth, durable, readily cleansable material.

5) Vehicle interiors should be fitted for the purpose of food preparation.
All equipment must be made of materials, which can be easily cleaned and are not porous

6) All equipment must be clean before you start work and cleaned throughout the day.
A sink or bowl for washing food and equipment must be provided. Detergent and clean cloths must also be available. The sink must be kept clean and set up for use.

7) A separate hand basin or bowl for hand washing must be available at the stall and supplied with soap, towel and nailbrush. The basin must be kept clean and in working order.

8) Proper containers for cold water should be available at the stall. They must be made of suitable materials and protect the water from contamination. Water will have to be brought from off site.

9) Food must be kept covered and at least 45Omm (18”) off the ground.

10) All stalls/vehicles must have adequate facilities for disposing of rubbish and waste food and for separating unfit food.

11) Cooked food must be kept separately from raw food at all times.

12) All high-risk foods i.e. meat, cream, milk, eggs should be kept refrigerated at 5°c or below at all times.

13) Adequate procedures must be in place to maintain and record food temperatures for hot and cold foods.

14) Persons handling food must keep themselves clean. They must wear clean clothes, clean over-clothing and particular attention should be paid to keeping hands and fingernails especially clean. Hair must be tied back or a hat worn. They must be trained / supervised to basic food hygiene standard certificate.

15) Any cut or abrasion must be covered with a waterproof dressing, preferably coloured blue.
A first aid box containing bandages and washable plasters must be kept at the stall.

16) A dry powder fire extinguisher and a fire blanket must be provided when food is being cooked.

17) Any LPG cylinders must be fitted with armoured hosing connected, stored, and used in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Rubber hosing is not acceptable under any circumstances.

18) No containers supplied for the consumption of food or drink to be of glass or other brittle material.

20) No one may sell alcoholic drinks of any sort on their stalls

21) Food vans and vendors must provide a copy of their latest Food Hygiene Inspection Report before your pitch will be confirmed. A minimum hygiene rating of 3 is required.

22) Food vans and vendors must provide a copy of a valid Food Hygiene/Level 2 Certificate for all operatives who will be handling food on the day.

23) Food vans and vendors will be required to comply with the Food Agency Environmental Health Event Safety Guidance applicable to outside catering at events and in particular hazards analysis and critical control points (HACCP). Vendors will be required to produce a copy of the relevant HACCP documentation on the day. Failure to produce a copy for inspection on the day may result in the vendor being asked to stop trading.

24) Food vans and vendors must comply with any other applicable environmental health requirements, regulations and legislation. It is the responsibility of vendors to ensure that they meet all applicable requirements and minimum standards. Note: The event organisers reserve the right to ask any participant to vacate his/her pitch in the event that the stall holder or vendor does not conform to these terms and conditions.

25) No barbecue, LPG heaters and containers, cooking appliances or other high-temperature devices, flammable gas or real flame, shall be used at the event without prior notification to, and approval by, the Organisers.

26) All barbecues, LPG heaters, cooking appliances and high-temperature devices, shall have adequate guarding and fireproof shields, and be sited in a safe position.

27) Food vendors MUST leave their designated pitch exactly how the found it
No waste of any kind to be left on the ground or surrounding area If this occurs a clean-up fee will be occurred and applications for the future show may not be considered.

Food Vendors Only

NOTE: if your rating is less than 3 you will not be eligible to cater for our event.

You will be required to email a copy of your latest food hygiene inspection report .

If you are not registered you will not be eligible to cater for our event.

To book your place – please complete the online booking form below. Your stall will not be guaranteed until organisers have accepted the application, full payment is to be made when the pitch is confirmed. 

The payment method will be sent upon successful application.